There are many different types of computer hackers, each with their own unique skills and goals.

Although you can access hacker websites directly from the internet, most prefer to use Tor Browser or I2P Browser for an additional layer of security. Some hackers who value their privacy only use Tor, Tails, or I2P for everything – even online shopping or browsing social media sites.

Here are some of the most common types of hackers you’ll find on the darknet:

– Black hat hackers are the ones you typically think of when you hear the word “hacker.” They’re the ones who break into systems for malicious purposes, such as stealing data or causing damage.

According to one study, on average, the most expensive services were personal attacks – such as defamation, legal sabotage, and economic havoc – followed by changing school grades. Hacking social media accounts was the most frequently mentioned service. All of the services we investigated need payment upfront. Some but not all hacking service websites we reviewed offered a refund if a task was unsuccessful.

– White hat hackers are ethical hackers who use their skills to find security vulnerabilities in systems and help organizations fix them. The cost of a white hat hacking service is not always determined by its price tag. Most services are negotiated directly with customers on a retainer basis. The final price of each job is determined by its complexity, duration, risk, and scope.

– Grey hat hackers fall somewhere in between black hat and white hat hackers. They may engage in both illegal and legal activities, depending on their motives.

– Script kiddies are novice hackers who rely on pre-written scripts or programs to launch attacks. They generally don’t have the skills to write their own code. Sometimes they hang out in groups and share resources.

A few hacker collectives claim to be able to improve grades, credit ratings, or clear their debts. They often charge a fixed price.

– Hacktivists are hackers who use their skills to promote a political or social cause.

– Cyber criminals are hackers who commit crimes for personal gain, such as identity theft or financial fraud.

Those who study and understand the dark web know it is a hub for information on hacking. By studying hacking forums on the deep web, professionals such as penetration testers, security analysts and software developers are able to arm themselves with the knowledge they need to succeed in their line of work.