With all the talk of hacking these days, you may be wondering if it’s possible to hire a hacker to help you with your social media accounts. After all, if they can break into the world’s biggest companies and governments, surely they can help you get more followers on Twitter, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. In this overview, we’ll explore the world of hacking and why hiring a hacker for social media is likely to be a successful strategy.

On one hand, social media companies offer ways to retrieve a lost password, but their advice is useless when you cannot get back into the device you used to make the account in the first place.

Sophie was a big influencer on TikTok. She had a ton of followers, and she loved making videos. But one day, she lost her password and got locked out of her account because she’d recently moved and got a new phone number. She tried to reset it, but the reset process required her to input a code sent to her old phone number. Sophie was devastated – she had no way to get back into her account, and she makes her living as an influencer. There was no time to make a new account, because she’d be giving up over 1.3 million followers and starting from zero.

She did some research and found out that she could hire a hacker on the darknet to help her get back into her account. She transferred $850 worth of Bitcoin to the hacker’s wallet and waited for them to respond.

The hacker finally replied, and they said they could help Sophie get back into her account. They provided her with a special code that would let her regain access. Sophie entered the code and regained access to her account! She was so happy – she couldn’t believe she’d managed to get back in.

What is Hacking?

In its simplest form, hacking is using technology to achieve a goal that was not intended by the designer of that technology. For example, using a computer program to break into a website or using a social engineering technique to trick someone into giving you their passwords. Hackers hired on the deep web are often seen as criminals because they use their skills to gain unauthorized access to systems or steal data.

However, there is another side to hacking. There are ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, who use their skills for good. These hackers will test systems for security vulnerabilities and then report them so that they can be fixed before criminal hackers exploit them. Many ethical hackers are employed by companies to help keep their systems secure.

Why Hiring a Hacker for Social Media is Risky

Now that we’ve explored what hacking is and why it’s done, let’s talk about why hiring a hacker for social media is not likely to be successful. The main reason is that most hacking is illegal. While there are some hacking techniques that could be used ethically to help you with your social media accounts—for example, finding ways to automate tasks or growth hack your way to more followers—most of the time these methods are against the terms of service of the social media platforms themselves. Violating the terms of service of social media platforms can result in your account being banned or suspended, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve by hiring a hacker in the first place!

Additionally, many of the methods that ethical hackers use require specialized knowledge and skills that most people do not have. So even if you could find an ethical hacker who was willing to help you with your social media accounts, chances are they would not be able to do much more than give you some general advice.


Hiring a hacker for social media is not likely to be a successful strategy due to the fact that most hacking is illegal and requires specialized knowledge and skills. If you’re looking for ways to improve your social media accounts, it’s best to stick with more traditional methods such as creating great content, engaging with your community, and using marketing strategies like influencer marketing or paid ads.