Computer Hacking 101

Computer hacking is the practice of modifying or manipulating computer software and hardware to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, or data. This term is often used to describe the act of breaking into computer systems for malicious purposes, such as stealing sensitive data, disrupting computer operations, or creating viruses and other types of […]

What is Capture the Flag (CTF)?

If you’re interested in hacking, and aspire to become a talented hacker, you should start by testing yourself in Capture the Flag (CTF) tournaments. We’ll unpack a bit of the basics here to get you started on your way. Participants in Capture the Flag, a well-liked computer security tournament, are required to complete a variety […]

Differentiating Between Ethical and Malicious Hacking Techniques

As the digital world expands and evolves, the possibility of cyber assaults has become a major concern for both organizations and individuals. Perhaps more problematic is the rise and popularity of artificial intelligence and the possibility that they could be trained to attack websites. however the purpose of this article is to discuss human hackers […]

Who are Anonymous? Uncovering the mystery behind the infamous hacking group

Anonymous, a decentralized international hacktivist movement, has gained national attention for its many cyberattacks against governments, government institutions, and government agencies. Anonymous is a collective of anonymous people who resist injustice and oppression. It was formed in 2003 on the forum 4chan. But what exactly is the main objective of Anonymous? In order to answer […]

Why do companies hire hackers in 2023?

The dark web is a place where hackers can go to find clients and get paid for their services. They might be doing it for fun, or they might be doing it to make money. But you never know what you’ll find on the dark web, but it’s important to note that we’re not condoning […]

Protecting Small Businesses from AI Hacking: The Importance of Cybersecurity

The impact of AI-powered hacking on the overall economy, especially on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), is significant and far-reaching. SMBs are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to their limited resources and lack of investment in cybersecurity. The financial cost of cybercrime for these businesses can be devastating, and it is estimated that 60% […]

Hacker personality traits – What makes a hacker tick?

What are computer hackers like? We’ve all seen movies about hired hackers who effortlessly and dispassionately crack secure firewalls and databases in seconds, but we know better than to believe sensationalized accounts. So what kind of personality traits do the best computer hackers have? Hacking is the art of finding solutions to problems in unconventional […]

Hacking Incidents: From Data Breaches to Ransomware Attacks

The impact of computer hacking can be significant, with consequences ranging from financial loss to reputational damage to national security threats. Caesars Entertainment and MGM paid millions to hackers recently due to a ransomware attack that ground their operations to a halt. In recent years, several high-profile hacking incidents have made headlines, including the Equifax […]

How to rent a hacker on the dark web

Hiring a hacker on the dark web can be a complex and challenging process, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can find the right professional to meet your needs. One of the first things to consider when looking for a hacker is their skill level. There are many different types of hackers out […]